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Perspective, Experience, Integrity

Perspective, Experience, Integrity—He has it all. I can count on one hand the people in this world that I can recommend without any reservations, and Dean Marchant is at the top of that list. I have known and worked with Dean Marchant for 14 years now. I have seen him follow through and keep his word even when it costs him money to follow through on things he doesn’t have to. I have seen him steer people away from deals that looked good on the surface, but would have turned out badly for them. He will always give clients the straight answer, even when the answer will not benefit him. Seeing all of these things earned my trust, and I started referring clients to him. All of them have been happy with me for doing so.
When the need arose to sell my law partner’s home after she passed away, I had no hesitation in hiring Dean to take care of it. He quickly evaluated what needed to be done, tactfully dealt with the family’s differing needs, and hired the workers and contractors to handle repairs. While we could have sold the house “as-is,” he knew that it would be better to undertake a major repair of the roof-top deck to avoid problems down the road with the seller. That work more than paid for itself in maximizing the sale price, and avoided a potential liability after the sale. He did not say so, but I knew that part of the reason for making key repairs was that he needed to look the buyer in the eye before and after the sale.
Over the years, I have asked him about investment real estate, and he steered me away when the market was not right, and has steered me in when the opportunities were good. One day, out of the blue he called about a property he was recommending as a great deal. Boy, was he right. This was a deal that he had already negotiated down to an extraordinary below-market price and his buyer was unable to go through with the deal. The deal was right for me in terms of the price, but in order to take advantage, the sale needed to close on the existing close date. There was not much time to make the decision, but my wife and I trust Dean, so we went through with the deal on his recommendation. His income-generation estimates were conservative, and It turned out to be a fantastic deal, far surpassing Dean’s estimates, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have such a great investment property.
I don’t have a lot of great things to say about sales people or realtors, but Dean is a rare jewel in the industry. He is a friendly, down-to-earth guy who really knows his stuff. Give him a call, you will be glad you did.

-William Browning